Friday, July 27, 2012

YouTube Video Celebrates BYU Quarterback

   They’re at it again.   Last year’s popular original rock and roll song “BYU Rise Up” celebrated team BYU Rise Up Riley (unauthorized) version

    This year, the far-flung musicians raised in Utah County have a new song and video that is expected to push the envelope even more.   Rise Up Riley, is a clever and catchy blues song and uses very memorable lyrics to tout Riley Nelson’s football prowess.  

   James Brown dancing is peppered throughout the video while the bulk of video highlights Riley Nelson’s amazing play from last year.  It also showed Nelson's famous hair that was cut due to BYU's strict hair regulations.

   In the video, Nelson was also shown with no hair at all, in defiance to the university's  strict rules on men's hair length, which has been a controversial issue in the campus.

  This song has been dubbed “The Unauthorized Riley Nelson Song” –“unauthorized” perhaps as a dig against the school’s lack of interest in using the first song for marketing of the team last year.  

The song that BYU didn't use is now trending on Youtube and Google.
  Ironically, the song that BYU rejected in the one now trending on Youtube and is getting tens of thousands of views and was also of Google's frontpage.

 Ken Van Wagenen, guitarist and songwriter, points out that the school put together a great football product.  But missed on a very important thing.

   "Last year, BYU seemed to miss the obvious marketing synergies we offered them with our song," Van Wagenen said.

   “Yeah, we were disappointed, we did everything we could to make sure they (BYU marketing) saw the song last year.   We took it to the marketing guys and BYUtv. They just decided to use a song from the 80's.  Maybe they’ll like this new (2nd) song,” he added.

   As on the first video effort, this song was not recorded in a flashy expensive Hollywood recording studio, but rather through file sharing tracks over the internet.

  All music was then mixed and the video assembled by drummer/producer, Todd Mitchell, in “Man Cave Studios” in his Orem home.     The musicians expect to continue writing and recording other songs and sharing them over YouTube for the small but growing fan base.   Rock on guys and good work.
   To see the new video click here:BYU Rise Up Riley Nelson (unauthorized) version

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